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Madagascar New Found Travel
Multi-languages able to organize and manage our trips either marine or land-based activities around Madagascar.

Our team is honest, responsible , hospitable to our tasks.

We appreciate every individual customer and this company is open to all domestic and foreign tours in the field of cooperation, and any constructive advice from our customer in order to help realise our dream for the better future..
contact us now at :

  • Tel: +261 032 70 737 93

M.N.F.T is a company that contributes to the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources and the ecosystem.
It works tightly with environmental organizations (Reef Doctor - Madagascar New FoundPlatform, Madagascar National Parks, Tsimanampetsotsa Park -Mikea national park- Honko ...) and various tourist areas.

It relies heavily on the regions that are rarely studied by researchers and tourists in Madagacar, especially in the South and South West of Madagascar, this is an area for future excellence through the possession of the land, seascape, and the socio-cultural and anthropological aspects.

Our wish is to show our international experiences, wealth of local knowledge, professional approach and Flexibility to ensure our cutomers return home with wonderful memories.



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